Welcome to my Guide to Digimon Masters Online!

Due to the sad fact that many people claim this website to be their creation, I apparently need to make it clear that it is mine, and mine alone. I had no other person helping me with this. Though I have used pictures from Google and such, which were not taken by me, I have not copied or taken guides from any other source than self experience. Not all pictures are from another source, as I have included many of my own. Some information may be ahead of the current condition of GDMO, as a lot of the information was taken from KDMO, the original version of GDMO, which is further along than the game this guide is for. Keep in mind though, some information could be behind as well. I do not update it everyday, and therefor when prices change, or small updates go to place, I am not immediately updating. To conclude, if the username of the person claiming this site theirs is not one of the following, that person is lying:

Also: I do not claim any of the creatures (Digimon), nor any of the games themselves as mine. I only own this site.
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