Hatching Guide

In DMO you do not obtain the available digimon by collecting 'scan data', or by stuffing them in a red and white ball, but, as it's supposed to be, even though you can't truly tell in the game, wild digimon road the digital world, and when they are defeated in battle, instead of dying and becoming nothing, they turn back into DigiEggs. Well, in DMO those eggs are what we hatch the digimon we want from, yet they aren't as easy to come by as you'd think.

DigiEggs are formed when the digimon passes, and fall to the ground where the digimon died. When they hit the ground, they usually shatter, and only leave behind pieces of the egg shell, and sometimes they hit the ground and are safe, but aren't formed thorough enough to ever be hatch-able. Of course sometimes they are able to be hatched, yet when they hit the ground their innards are destroyed. Now, on a rare occasion, the egg may hit the ground and be in perfect condition! These are the eggs that we hatch.

But wait! Don't throw away your egg shells, or full dead-eggs, they are definitely useful!

Egg Shells can be sold to Shop NPC's for some bits, and although it's not many bits for each shell, when you have been getting them for a couple hours you will have around 100+, and those few bits really add up!

What you will need

A Mercenary Digimon Egg, always with a blue aura in their image back ground. These are what are going to be hatched. they have different patterns on the eggs, of course. You will need the DATA chips that match the type of egg.

Beast DATA eggs, to scan for Beast DATA chips, for use with Beast Mercenary Eggs.
Reptile DATA eggs, to scan for Reptile DATA chips, for use with Reptile Mercenary Eggs.
Dark DATA eggs, to scan for Dark DATA chips, for use with Dark Mercenary Eggs.
Bird DATA eggs, to scan for Bird DATA chips, for use with Bird Mercenary Eggs.
Aqua DATA eggs, to scan for Aqua DATA chips, for use with Aqua Mercenary Eggs.
Fire DATA eggs, to scan for Fire DATA chips, for use with Fire Mercenary Eggs.
Plant DATA eggs, to scan for Plant DATA chips, for use with Plant Mercenary Eggs.
Bug DATA eggs, to scan for Bug DATA chips, for use with Bug
Mercenary Eggs.
Rock DATA eggs, to scan for Rock DATA chips, for use with Rock Mercenary Eggs.

Feeding DATA

Now that you have the Mercenary DigiEgg, the DATA chips, and the courage, it's time to try to hatch your digimon! ......yes, I said 'try'; it almost never works, but don't be too discouraged! you can succeed with a lot of effort, and patience! This step is called 'Feeding DATA' because in this step you put your DigiEgg into the incubator and 'feed' it the data from the DATA chips. All you have to do in open the incubator, right click your mercenary egg, and press the middle button on the lower part of the incubator window. This will attempt to feed the data to the DigiEgg; but will fail at doing so most of the time. Now, sadly, it gets much worse. Not only do your data chips get used fast, and usually fail, but if your data chips fail, there is a chance that the Eggs will shatter, forcing you to use another one. Most people have to use several eggs, and several hundred chips to finally get a digimon to 3/5. Assuming that you do not understand what I mean by '_/5', I will explain.

To hatch a digimon, you have to put that digimon's mercenary digi-egg into the incubator, after the digimon you want drops the egg. You feed it DATA chips of the samt type as the egg, that you get from underdeveloped eggs that you have scanned for data. Depending on the digimon, you will have to use a certain amount of DATA chips at once; for instance veemon uses 10 reptile chips each feed, and biyomon uses 5 bird each feed, and kiwimon uses 2 beast each feed. When you feed these chips to the digimon, there is a gauge in the incubator, that goes up as the egg accept the data. If it is denied the gauge stays as it was, if it is accepted it goes up by 1/5 of the whole bar. You need this gauge to go up! Once it gets to 3/5, you can hatch the digimon - it will be small, and likely weak, at level 1, but you will at least have it. You cannot hatch a 0/5, 1/5, or 2/5, but you CAN hatch a 4/5 or 5/5. At 4/5, the digimon will be about average size, and will have average stats. And at 5/5, the digimon will be a noticeably larger than normal, and will have high stats. 5/5 is the digimon you want, BUT are the absolute hdest to get. You should go for 4/5, and I am serious, if you go for 5/5, expect weeks to go by, getting only 3/5, and occationally a 4/5, but never a 5/5. It takes a LONG time with MASSIVE effor and patience to get a 5/5! I advise you not to. Most people with 5/5 either, sadly, but truly, have NO life, or got them with a 'Cash Egg', where it is a 100% chance of hatching a 5/5, without fail.

if you manage to get your digi egg's gauge to 3/5, 4/5, or 5/5, then shout to the heavens in joy! you now have your own digimon! press the button near the bottom of the incubator window, to the left to hatch it; before it hatches you need to name it. The name can be whatever you want, and does not need to be unique, or untaken. Yay you!

If you do not wish to hatch an egg that already has 1/5 or higher in it's gauge, then you can press the bottom right button, to delete the egg. Yes, this not only deletes the gauge progress, but the egg itself. I would advise not to do this.
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